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bringing out the best in you

our passion is your performance as a leader, coach or therapist


Enabling Individual, team and company excellence 

Business Excellence Solutions

Coaching, training and workshops

For Organisations who dare to be the best. 

We can you assist to live the future right now. 

Leadership, management and sales as it was meant to be working from the 3 Brains theory concept. 

Become a professional certified 3 Brain Coach

Individual Excellence Solutions

(Advanced) Clinical Hypnotherapy, 3 Brains certifications and NLP

To become a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist you deserve the best training. Our recognised (advanced) diploma in clinical hypnotherapy is only one that combines Ericksonian therapy with the 3 Brains Theory.

Become practitioner in NLP or 3 Brain Coaching

Online Excellence Solutions

The book How Men and Women Fit and downloads 

The international breakthrough of the concept of how the 3 Brains Theory are  shaping our relationships in successful and flourishing ones or are blocking this. Learn the groundbreaking techniques for communication with your partner 

About Us

Peal Academy has 15 years of experience in organisational behavioural leadership and coaching, executive business coach and Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy.

More than an Academy

with deep insight on how we are the same and how we differ in how success, health, happiness, and our sufferings.  Working with the 3 Brains theory you can become who you want to be. and help others to do the same

About Christoffel

With more than 25 years experience in working as executive coach, trainer, therapist and as associate professor at the IE Business School . . .

Holistic Approach

Connecting the logic of out Head Brain with the compassion of our Heart Brain and instinct of our Gut Brain, to help people to transform their life to be happy, healthy, fulfilling and successful.  


It’s rare to meet someone such as Christopher, so clearly doing that which he . . .

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Our News

we discuss developments in the field as well as new insights that we believe we should share.

Key Staff

our staff members are handpicked for their unique skill sets to support your change and development 

Amanda Hassell

Amazing in going deeper in the somatic brains to enable long lasting change. Besides being your business mentor 

Julie Harris

Unique in her ability to connect and help people to flourish

Jerry Hoekman

The specialist in SEO and Digital Marketing

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