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the unique 4 -Day 

3 Brains Coach Certification

Do you want to:

Have more success with your clients?

Have the happiness & health you want to have?

Learn unique and highly successful techniques for decision making? 

Monday 2nd - Thursday 5th August


with the

3 Brains (Head, Heart and Gut) Coach Certification Training 

INCLUDES - Super Mega-bonus Package Worth Over $1,600.00


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Are you a therapist, coach, or counselor who wants to deliver the best to your clients? 

Are you interested in insightful and beautiful personal growth?

Are you interested in connecting the dots in why we do what we do? 

This 3 brains coach certification training is 

recognised and approved

by the world leading 

Coaching and Hypnotherapy Associations 

for Development Points!  

Does it happen to you that you think: what is really holding my client back to succeed? 
Do you have those moments that you feel, you miss some techniques/tools to assist your clients even better? 
 Do you have clients who do not come back after a session? 

As you know everything we do - in our personal and professional life -  is based on our conscious or subconscious decisions


90% of our life is based on our subconscious decisions

(means our Heart and Gut brain) 

Every emotion we experience is felt our Heart or Gut


Our Heart and Gut are making decisions for us


We have experienced and know that our Heart and Gut can override our logical decisions.

Our wellbeing & success is being in charge of our Heart and Gut and Logical/Rational Head decision making process. 

Enable your clients for long lasting wellbeing & success and master 3 Brains Coaching/Therapy

My passion is contributing to make this world a more heart brain based society, and inspire people to do the same whilst following their objectives/dreams.​

I am seen as an innovative, unconventional, multidisciplinary expert who utilizes all his persuasion skills to motivate, inspire, and challenge you to transform and have the development to reach your goals 

As a subtle provocator I will bring passion, enthusiasm, bravery, authenticity, empathy, active listening, and versatile knowledge to the table in a unique trustworthy setting for only one reason: 

that you live your dream

Would you like to make your own and others lives flourish? 

Join me at the HTL in august,


Christoffel Sneijders

Just ask yourself


What would be my advantage if I could

boost the wellbeing & success of my clients, and myself even more? 

This 3 Brains Coaching Certification training will assist you in achieving your objectives!

More success with your clients

More referrals

Having a healthier practice

Working the latest and highly successful techniques

Why is that?

As we all are aware, 90% of our decisions/actions are orchestrated by our subconscious (your Heart or Gut Brain). 

The art of working with people means working with this perceived “black box” to assist your clients establishing long lasting wellbeing & succes instead of providing quick fixes. 

This involves having solutions for questions as:


What is really blocking your wellbeing & success?

  • What is in you that is supporting your development/change? 

  • How can you align your gut feeling with your heart desire and head logic?

  • How you overcome the unconscious blocks that are stopping you from doing what you know is good for you?

  • How can you assist your clients to find the balance between their thoughts, their feelings, and their emotions so that they make decisions and change that will last?

To sum up: How can you assist your clients access and be in control this “black box” that is acting subconsciously? 

Asking these questions is key and not enough!

Understanding and speaking the language of the Head, Heart, and Gut Brain provides critical information to coach your clients to make achieve wellbeing and success.

In this way you can assist your clients on the level where the solutions are, and bypass their critical thinking with all the "yes, but ..." responses.


When they do not align our 3 brains before they make a decision and could end up making the "wrong" decision and will regret it.

However when they don't decide as they are not sure which Brain to follow they go down the path of getting stuck in procrastination, feeling stressed, anxious, sad, depressed, guilty, etc.


​3 Brains Coach Certification Training is the answer and will help you master the techniques and attitude to assist your clients to overcome procrastination, stress, ineffective decision-making approaches, in order to boost their performance. 


You will get THE insights and tools to apply to coaching, counseling, therapeutic, leadership, managerial, or personal situations that are relevant to you. 

Thank you Chris for an amazing cours.  

You are a fascinating, knowledgeable and brilliant facilitator!  ​

Most of all, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the most profound session you conducted with me.  ​


You have an unique ability to get through to the core of the issue with a laser like focus but you do it so gracefully and with so much kindness that it makes space for complete trust in the process.  ​ 


Our conversation has had an enormous and very positive impact on me and I can not thank you enough for the insights you have given me.  


 I am grateful for the experience, it was life changing.

Gerda B. Manager and Senior Health Counselor, Clinical  Hypnotherapist

EARLY-BIRD Save $300! 
Reserve today! only $1197

Early-Bird ends, January 31th, 2021

3 Brains Coach Certification at Hypnothoughts LIVE

August 2-5, 2021 - Las Vegas


3 Brains Coach Certification


US$500 deposit to have a life changing experience 


Balance due 30 days prior to the event.

Besides 4 days of an unique and groundbreaking training you will receive

  1. 1 year free subscription to the monthly 3 Brains Coach Supervision Group ($1200)

  2. The unique 3 Brains Coach Certification manual ($50)

  3. Bonus video's ($250)

  4. A signed copy of my book (priceless)

  5. An analysis of your 3 Brains preference ($100)

  6. 3 Brains Coach Certificate (priceless)

  7. Join the closed 3 Brains coach FaceBook Group, Post Class Online Live Q&A ($197)

  8. Optional HypnoThoughts Live Registration is $349 extra

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What will you master in these 4 days? 

The techniques, insights, and lessons you can directly apply in your work with clients include:

1. Unique analysing techniques to pinpoint what is keeping your client stuck and what will support the solution

  • How to understand your client on their real need level and what motivates and demotivates them

  • Identity where and why they really are stuck in their decision making process

  • Identify which Brain or Brains are dominant in your client in order to pinpoint the issue and find a solution

  • Identify the five main misalignments you client has between their different Brains that stops them to achieve what they want to achieve 

  • Having insight into how we actually make decisions and store our memories and emotions

  • Learn to expose the emotional or logical fixations (blocks) that negatively influence decision-making, and therefore create stress, frustration, anger, fear, regret, procrastination, and conflicts

2. Master 3 Brains language to enable an authentic truthful connection on conscious and subconscious level

  • Mastering 3 Brains language will empower every word that you say to your client to create massive change

  • 3 Brains language will let you discover the hidden needs and real intention of your client. 

3. Profound and unique 3 Brains techniques for enabling long lasting wellness & success

  • The Infinite Spiral Enabler; the technique for embedding the change in all the 3 Brains

  • Eye and diaphragm release; the groundbreaking ANS (Autonomic Nerve System) releasing techniques that will get everyone out of a stuck state of fight/flight/freeze or immobilisation.  

  • CCT (Curiosity, Compassion and Trust) technique; the technique to create alignment in your own and client 3 Brains to calibrate the 3 Brains fo profound change/development

  • 3 Brains Negotiating Technique; a unique and extreme powerful re-negotiate and solving conflicts technique for the 3 Brains 

  • 3 Brains Rewire the Past Techniques to enable solutions to the most common roadblocks and misalignments in the individual Brains, based on their unique purpose and objectives

4. Experience Transformational Self Development 

  • Make your subconscious tangible and controllable for your decision making and success!

  • Releasing the limiting beliefs that are stored in one or more of your Brains 

  • Increase the success of your decision making, 3 Brains Aligned Decision Making instead of primarily from your dominating Brain

  • The ability to create better self-management techniques and reduce stress for yourself and the other

5. The science behind the three Brains—our Head, Heart and Gut—and how they work*


6. Exercises and exercises to master the techniques and feel/experience your well being and success

This training is for every coach, therapist, counselor, manager, leader, and the individual who wants to master the art of enabling long lasting change in their clients and/or employees, learn the art or aligned successful decision making, and building trust in every relationship


*This 3 Brains theory is based on the book How Men and Women Fit, Finally Understand Your Partner with the 3 Brains Theory, by Christoffel Sneijders.

Accreditation of the 3 Brains Coach training: 

  • ICF accredited for 28 CCEU hours (Core Competencies 16 hours Resource Development 12 hours)

  • NOBCO accredited for 24 Personal development hours

  • EMCC recognise this training for 24 development points

  • PACFA recognised for development points 

  • Hypnotherapy Associations worldwide recognition for development points 

If you like to know more before you enrol why not give me a call and have a 30 min free session? 

 “Thank you Christoffel

 I can honestly say that this was one of the most enjoyable, interactive and genuine training programmes that I have experienced. The combination of your style and the subject matter created a very safe space, for me at least, and I have taken a great deal from this training.

In fact, after the first day, I recommended that my three closest colleagues (covering UK, Israel and South America) read your book and have a look at your work. 

All the very best, and I look forward to being in touch again soon.


Claire K. PCC Business Psychologist & Coaching Professional 

Christoffel Sneijders


  • 28 years experience

  • Professor at the IE Business School Madrid, (ranked nr 9 in the world) in organizational behavioral leadership

  • Executive coach ICF PPC 

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist 

  • Supervisor in Clinical Hypnotherapy 

  • Owner PEAL Academy school for Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and 3 Brains Coach Certification 

I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with more than 10.000 people in Europe, Middle East, India, Asia, USA and Australia. 


All these insight helped me to develop the unique and successful concept of how our 3 Brains are in charge of our decisions, memories, emotions and communication and therefore our success, happiness and health.

Great choice!

I followed this program in April 2020 and it is a great one for self-awareness and self-development, besides, it provides a toolset to coach and help others to move forward.

The ICF CCEUs were a plus and guarantee of quality.

Christoffel provides his best knowledge and experience in the field of business, coaching and therapy, and the virtual experience of the online training worked out very good!


Maria Alonso Jaén, PPC Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer

Love to see you at the HTL 2021! ​

Katrina Campbell-Sloan former Head of Government Relations, Europe and Asia World Energy Council

And her experience and success with 3 Brains Coaching

Do we really have three Brains?

The scientific proof!

Let’s be clear at this point: we are not talking in metaphors. This training is not built around some intellectual concept to help us think about how that one brain inside our skull works.

Our three Brains are real. There is a great deal of scientific research on the distinct roles, locations, and functions of the three very distinct cognitive structures we carry around in our head and body.

Before now, if Heart and Gut Brains were thought to exist at all, they were considered separate entities that existed and reacted independently and were not capable of communicating or collaborating with one another. We have come to know differently.

The Gut Brain

In the book, ‘The Second Brain’ 1998 Neurobiologist Dr. Michael Gershon, described that the gut contains a complex and fully functional neural network or ‘brain’ 

The Gut Brain, contains over 500 million neurons and sends and receives nerve signals throughout the chest/torso/innervates organs

The priority of the Gut Brain is survival, with feelings like fear, desire, disgust, and rage.

When the Gut Brain is making decisions, our communication and behavior is based on fear, anger, and lust, and it is always focused on ‘Me’.

The Heart Brain

Neuro-cardiologist, Dr. J. Andrew Armour introduced the concept of a functional brain in the heart in 1991

The heart has a complex intrinsic neural network sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a ‘brain’. The heart’s neural network meets all the criteria specified for a brain including several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins, support cells and more. Its complex and elaborate neural circuit allows the heart brain to function independently of the head brain and it can learn, remember, feel and sense

the priority of the Heart Brain is belonging and works with emotions of love, guilt, happiness, hope, joy, shame, sorrow, hate, and sadness. Because they are all based on connecting and belonging, and are all about ‘Us’, they are essential in our relationships.

It also means this Brain can only play a part in our decision-making when we feel safe enough to let our guard down and put the Gut Brain at rest, so that we can feel and nurture attachments.



The Head Brain

The place where three parts are connected, Reptile Brain, Mammal (limbic) Brain and Primate (neocortex) Brain 

This level is solely focused on making logical decisions for the future, based on acquired (past) knowledge. It deals with intellectual feelings like understanding, anticipation, interest, surprise, and wonder. All those things can influence our decisions. 

The important thing is to understand what the three Brains are, and how they work. We can then apply the insights resulting from the research in practical ways to help us manage (and sometimes control) our own Brains and how we interact with others.

Throughout this training, we move forward from scientific fact — that the Head, Heart and Gut Brains exist — to explore the ways we can use that knowledge to improve our Brains’ health and our lives.

Paula van der Miert, Clinical Hypnotherapist

And her experience and success with 3 Brains Coaching

Don't wait we have limited seating, 

as we go for quality and not quantity

EARLY-BIRD Save $300! 
Reserve today! only $1197

Early-Bird ends, January 31th, 2021

3 Brains Coach Certification at Hypnothoughts LIVE

August 2-5, 2021 - Las Vegas


3 Brains Coach Certification


US$500 deposit to have a life changing experience 


Balance due 30 days prior to the event.

Besides 4 days of an unique and groundbreaking training you will receive

  1. 1 year free subscription to the monthly 3 Brains Coach Supervision Group ($1200)

  2. The unique 3 Brains Coach Certification manual ($50)

  3. Bonus video's ($250)

  4. A signed copy of my book (priceless)

  5. An analysis of your 3 Brains preference ($100)

  6. 3 Brains Coach Certificate (priceless)

  7. Join the closed 3 Brains coach FaceBook Group, Post Class Online Live Q&A ($197)

  8. Optional HypnoThoughts Live Registration is $349 extra

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