3 Brains preference assessment

Objective: having an overview of your personal preference of action. Is it more Head, Heart or Gut Brain?

Way to fill this out:


Choose you preference on this scale, it is choosing what suits you best.

I am aware that in the different roles we have in our life we could have different preferences. So my advice is  choose the role you like to access and fill out the answer according to that role. 

As an example 

  1. "I’m going for results: versus "I’m going for the best solution" 

  2. You mark yourself on the equation

  3. With in mind how would I act/behave in this role.  

  4. Totally to left means: I ONLY and ALWAYS go for results

  5. Totally to the right means I ONLY and ALWAYS go for the best solution

  6. It is a 7 point scale so you can choose your preference 

Please be aware I do not have access to your results and you will not receive the scores so note them down. 

After you click the confirm button the results appear on the screen  

As being passionate about the 3 Brains and what it can do for leaders, managers, sales executives and coaches. 

I would like to offer you a 30 minutes feedback session based on your results free from charges.

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