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  3 Brains Language & Relationship Training  

   Let your business and personal relationships flourish!   


Master the language of your 3 Brains
so that every business or personal relationship you have will flourish!  

The intentions that are shared are many times hidden behind words.


How can you be in charge of your gut feeling?

Why does our heart not always align with our thoughts?

Why do we stop doing what we know is good for us?


In most situations this will make the difference between an amazing personal or business relationship or a failed one. 

In these situations, the 3 Brains theory is making the difference! 

Learn what science proofs is true but what mainstream public and even medical world does not know about our 3 (5) Brains, learning and being in charge of or life.

How to assist your clients to find the balance between their thoughts and their feelings so that they make decisions and change that will last?

The answer will be giving in this unique training.


In these 7,5 hours intensive training you will learn how your 3 Brains are hierarchical connected for powerful decision-making and how those decisions can make us flourish or suffer based on how they have stored our memories and emotions.

By knowing and being able to identify the language our 3 Brains are using we can create better relationships and assist others to overcome the 2 main misalignments: dominance of one Brain and a conflict between the Brains.

Besides the miscommunication these misalignments create, they can create unsatisfying relationships, demotivation, procrastination, anxiety/stress, (work-)addiction, ineffective decision-making and poor overall performance.


The objective is that you will be able to instantly apply these to coaching, leadership, managerial or personal situations that are relevant to you or your clients!


In these 7,5 hours intensive training you will learn:

  • How to coach your client to make more congruent 3 Brains aligned decisions.

  • How to recognise and work with the language that is broadcasted from their 3 brains - the Head, Heart and Gut Brain -.

  • How your client is subconsciously attributing one or more Brains to topic they want to work on.

  • How and when to trust your Gut feeling or not.

  • How and when to trust your Heart or not.

  • How your client's 3 Brains can subconsciously block a solution they came up consciously. These inner conflicts that create unsatisfying relationships, demotivation, procrastination, anxiety/stress,, ineffective decision-making and poor overall performance.

  • How to coach your client or their hidden needs.

  • How to create a mutual trustful connection with everybody your are working with.

  • Be in charge of your own emotional or rational preferences in your communication.

  • Understand how and why your relationship can be aligned or misaligned or good or bad

  • The ability to create better self-management techniques and reduce stress for your client and yourself.


We want you will be able to instantly apply these to your daily life on the personal and business context, whatever it is: coaching, leadership, managerial or personal situations that are relevant to you or your clients!

Fasten your seatbelts to learn a proven, effective way to enable successful, long-lasting personal change, based on scientific research.

Don't miss it!

Love to see you 😁



  • This training is ICF accredited for 7,5 CCEU hours (Core Competencies 2 hours Resource Development 5 hours)

  • PACFA recognised for development points 

  • Hypnotherapy Associations recognition for development points 

Our Student experiences

"Great choice!

I followed this program in April 2020 and it is a great one for self-awareness and self-development, besides, it provides a toolset to coach and help others to move forward.

The ICF CCEUs were a plus and guarantee of quality.

Christoffel provides his best knowledge and experience in the field of business, coaching and therapy, and the virtual experience of the online training worked out very good!"

Maria Teresa A. PPC CPPC ORSCC Executive Coach/Trainer


"Thanks a lot professor.

It was an honor to work with you and the other members of our class/team. It was awesome and the way you conveyed your knowledge / your philosophy was on the highest level.

It was intense and I’m looking forward to share it with my clients 🎯"

"So powerful

“I had the pleasure of attending the 3 Brains Coaching.

I found this to be a very insightful and powerful course. It really gets you thinking about how we operate and make decisions. I will be using this both professionally and personally.

Thank you Christoffel! Yvette Jeal PCC executive coach 


"understanding our human reactions

Learning from your research on the 3 Brains helped me understanding our human reactions on a much deeper level. 

Thanks for being such a lovely host! It was great to meet superstar coaches from all over the world!”🌍🙏🏾🌍

Judith de H. Senior Practitioner NOBCO and EMCC 

" Thank you Chris for an amazing course.

You are a fascinating, knowledgeable and brilliant facilitator! ​

Most of all, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the most profound session you conducted with me. ​ You have an unique ability to get through to the core of the issue with a laser like focus but you do it so gracefully and with so much kindness that it makes space for complete trust in the process. ​ Our conversation has had an enormous and very positive impact on me and I can not thank you enough for the insights you have given me.

I am grateful for the experience, it was life changing."

“More of a “shock” was that my Gut feeling is not really objective in making decisions.

Having that insight of how our body works, and how our decisions are made by our Gut or Heart mainly was a profound insight.Grateful to have worked on that!!!”

"So Good

This is for me as a manager so important when I make decisions and connect with people to be able to trust my Gut feeling.”

Would you like to know what your preference in decision making is?

Which Brain more dominant is? 

Just do the 3 Brains Preference test!

Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 19.37.38.png
3 brains language CEEU.001.jpeg

ONLINE training

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th November

09.30 -11.00 and 11.30-13.00

7,5 ICF CCEU units

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