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Business Excellence Solutions

Peal Academy 

For organisations who dare to be the best

how do you become the leader you want to be?

We support executives and managers through coaching, therapy and mentoring

Executive coaching with the 3 Brains Theory

How do you become the leader you want to be?

Every number 1 in his or her field is using coaching, therapy and mentoring, we our mission is it about getting you there.

With our unique 3 Brains Coaching Theory result are inevitable. 

Organisation leadership and management development 

We help managers fulfil their desire to have a company to be proud of; one that makes a global contribution and that clients are happy with.

To this end, we work with TLeadGo in Europe.

Sales with NLP and the 3 Brains theory

We help you combine your sales skills with techniques from NLP, 3 Brains Theory, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy and more.

Watch your sales work from their inner core strength and take off.

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Leadership and management

Sales and NLP

Our Leadership Program

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