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Online Excellence Solutions

Peal Academy 

Our online solutions help you do what you need in the privacy of your own home

Our Online Solutions

with deep insight on how we are the same and how we differ in how success, health, happiness, and our sufferings.

How Men & Women Fit

Rocking new science about how to connect better with your partner, siblings, kids, parents, friends and colleagues based the science of the 3 Brains theory and it is demystifying that we are from Venus and Mars. So no excuses anymore :-) 


I wonder if you ever heard about the 3 Brains theory; the logical Head Brain, the “US” connector Heart Brain and  the ‘ME” survival Gut Brain. This last one the killer of every relationship if it is in command.

Quit Smoking with hypnotherapy

Without the use of chemicals, simply by changing how you feel about it.

35 questions and the result a personalised hypnotherapy sessions tailored for you and how should become a non smoker. 

No excuses anymore and you can do it from your own house and your environment. 


Find downloads for relaxation, stress, sleeping and more. 

Made based on 30 years of experience of working with people and what really works 

Just have a look if you can find what you need to create that change inside you. 

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Quit Smoking app


Online Solutions

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