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Executive Coaching

We believe that coaching is about enabling the excellence of you, the coachee.

Our personal and professional roles are usually very different, but the resources we use in these role originate from the same source.


We work using the holistic concept that all our different life roles influence each other. The weakest link in the chain can negatively influence the others. It doesn't matter whether you call our methods coaching, therapy or mentoring, what's important for us is that we support you as an executive or manager.

The most important objective for me is:

How can I support you in your ambition to excel?

Business and Executive

the right combination of soft and hard skills 

We believe that managers and executives who put people first and run a strong operation are seen as real leaders by their employees. Meaning aligning you Head, Heart and Gut Brain. 

Great products or services and the teams that create them are at the core of personal and business excellence. An essential component of high-performing teams is a leader who is a savvy manager, a visionary leader and a caring coach.



The way I see my role as coach is perfectly described by Eric Schmidt (ex-CEO of Google) in his book, Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Handbook of Silicon Valley's Bll Campbell:

“To be successful, companies need to have teams that work together as communities, where individuals integrate their interests and put aside differences to be individually and collectively obsessed with what’s good and right for the company."


Since this doesn’t naturally happen among groups of people, especially high-performing, ambitious people, you need someone playing the role of a coach, a team coach, to make it happen.

Executive Leadership

sharpening the saw is the role of a coach

For companies to succeed in these times of technology suffusing every industry, and where speed and innovation are paramount, team coaching is an essential element of a company's culture.

This is especially true at the top. Executive teams must have a coach if they want to perform at their best.



Mentorship and coaching are intensely personal. What I experience in executive coaching is that it is often the highest-performing people who feel the most alone. They usually have more interdependent relationships but feel more independent and separate from others.

Their confidence and their will to succeed and achieve help drive their success. However, it is often accompanied with feelings of insecurity and uncertainty that we all have.

They often have people who want to be their friends for personal gain rather than for friendship.


They still need affirmation and the knowledge that they are appreciated. They need someone they can trust and who is putting all the interest in helping them to achieve without a secondary gain.

I will be happy to discuss with you about the ways I could help you!