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Leadership and management

Leading from the Heart Brain, with the support from the Head and Gut Brain to make that change to be unique and succesful

In an environment of constant change, to live in coherence with oneself, respecting ourselves and our environment, taking responsibility of our own actions and our impact in our environment, requires courage and trust.

Trust in ourselves and in others as a starting point, belief in the guiding principle that people work from a place of happiness and contribution instead of ego. It does not mean that people do not live work from their ego, it means that ego driving desires are a coping mechanism for them.

Courage to confront to ourselves first, who we are, what do we want, and courage to take decisions aligned with our thoughts and feelings. In this context you will find your partner TLeadGo to provoke the changes you expect.

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During our first meeting in which we get the information to do a diagnostic of your situation and what you want to achieve, we will make concrete the next steps to take action.

In our experience, we can find different cases/needs:

  • A solution to improve our personal leadership. Be aligned on what we think, say and do, showing authenticity without effort. Flow with the situations, showing trust in ourselves (self-confidence) and inspiring trust in others.

  • A solution to improve leadership in our teams. The fact that our people follow us, is important, as well as it is important that they feel we trust in their capabilities, helping them also to develop themselves. Feeling able to do so, require a personal change process, and take into account every member of our teams. We need to improve our communication and motivation tools.

  • A solution to have self-led teams. To have teams that practice self-leadership is still a luxury desired by many organisations. We can create the conditions for this to happen, and again, it will mean we need to work on our personal change. A mixed solution of personal a team work helps to accelerate the changes we are looking for.

  • A solution to become “number 1”, advance positions. It requires a previous work to see how much aligned are people with the organisation's goals. We need to inquire about the starting point of the level of competences in our teams, regarding business development and management. Do they show the behaviours we are looking for? Do they show the difference regarding competition, not only in product, but also in service and manners?

Therefore, we open 3 axis to work:

  • Personal leadership: self-awareness and self-management.

  • Team Leadership: management and co-leadership in the team.

  • Business Leadership: aligning business, culture and people.

Additionally, we facilitate:

  • Workshops in Leadership topics, Competences Development and Emotional Intelligence.


When there are mergers or acquisitions, when the CEO, the Board, the strategy changes, or in the case of family companies, there are generational transitions, and we have to pay special attention to the answer we provide to the question : How do we want to work together to reach our goals?

The motor of cultural change is the Board of Directors of the organisation, who set up the direction and the speed at which results want to be achieved. It is important to guarantee clarity regarding the common understanding of the interpretation of the different messages (values of the Organisation) setting up clear behavioural principles.

Other key success factors:

  • A good communication of those values ( explain the sense, the benefit and the opportunity they bring).

  • Exemplarity from the Board.

  • Behaviours reflected in the required competences.

  • Accompanying in the development of those competences.

We have a tool (Leadership Culture Survey) to study the current leadership culture in the Organization and the desired one.

From TLeadGo we offer the consulting service and we accompany in the change process. Are you interested in a first exchange of experiences?

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