Robert Dilts recommends the ReMaster yourself workshop

Proud and happy, after the collective intelligence workshop of Robert Dilts I had a chat with him about the workshop, content, objective, way to do it etc and of course wanted to know his opinion. The result? A recommendation for this workshop of him :-). Wow if I ever doubted the quality and way of conducting this workshop it is definitively gone.

Love to see you in February.

Cheers Christoffel

The ideas of #hypnotherapy, #NLP, #Reiki, #constellations, #doTERRA aroma therapy as a therapy tool with a inside of how does this work based on the latest findings of #neuroscience and #epigenetic is great according to him.

#NLP #Reiki #collectiveinteligence #Hypnotherapy #neuroscience #Selfdevelopment #Positivepsychology

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