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Sales combined with NLP, 3 Brains Theory

Let your sales people fly

NLP is known as containing the most powerful techniques to achieve success.

The 3 brains Theory is the rocking new science that is all about how to connect better with people based on the principles of  the logical Head Brain, the “US” connector Heart Brain and  the ‘ME” survival Gut Brain. This last one the killer of every relationship if it is in command. So we combined these to deliver you the best.

Sales and NLP

prospecting, first meeting, second meeting, proposal, presenting your proposal, negotiation, and creating long lasting relationships

It sounds so easy and as everyone who has been in sales knows and experienced it is an art. 


Our training is unique as it combines the traditional skills needed for everyone in sales and it ADDS the NLP techniques from rapport, to eye movements, communication skills and how to anchor your qualities. 

3 Brains for succes

Learn how your 3 brains: the Head, Heart and Gut are connected for powerful decision making and connecting with other people. 

Prepare yourself to be able to connect with others by connecting first with yourself.


Learn to lead and connect with your clients from a position of trust and compassion, which will provide better personal and collective performance.  

When we operate as leaders, manager, sales person from one or our brains as default we can be to much ego, or “ME” driving or to much “US” driven. 

Which is detrimental for our team/company and therefore personal success.

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